1 Hour FULL cure ( ideal for rapid installations when there is minimal production shutdown availability )

Polyurethane requires at least 12 hours or overnight to cure ( to fully cure at least 48 hours ).

Chemical Bonding (MMA systems ‘melt’ into themselves giving a ‘chemical’ bond, ideal for joints and additional antislip coatings at a later date if required,giving a fully tanked surface)

Polyurethane systems require ‘mechanical’ preparation for a bond that leaves ‘cold’ joints and poor adhesion for future antislip.

Antislip (Many types of antislip finishes are available)

Polyurethane systems are generally smooth and wear even smoother and cannot be upgraded with antislip without it wearing off due to ‘mechanical’ bonding.

Surface & screed strength (MMA systems are ‘resin rich’ with no dust and clean graded quartz that has a high compressive strength and so does not wear under forklift heavy trafficking)

Polyurethane is often ‘bulked out’ with fines/dust that gives a reduced resin content and lower compressive strength. This is another reason why antislip will wear very easily
giving a smoother finish over a shorter period of time.

Safe to use (Despite its strong odour that dissipates after the 1 hour curetime MMA systems are safe to use and do not give installers skin allergies. Variations of MMA resins have been used for tooth repairs, contact lenses & bone replacement)

Some polyurethane systems have Iscocyanates that are known to be harmfull.

Colour range (MMA systems are available in all sorts of colour mixes ideal for aesthetics or a corporate image).

Polyurethane systems are generally applied in a range of mono colours…Usually mustard, red or green.

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